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A wimp becomes a man
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A wimp becomes a man
Here's the first bodybuilding game (with a lot of humor). Your goal is to transform yourself from a wimp to a man... Take illicit drugs and steroids if you have to. Your diet full of I-don't-know-whats and most importantly, you spend all your time at the gym.
Bench Press
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Bench Press
Here's a bench pressing game. It's so rare that it's important to point it out. You are lifting heavy weights in this game and your goal is to avoid getting crushed by the weights. To keep your balance, you have to use the 1-2 keys for the left side and the 9-0 keys for the right side. My problem is that it doesn't work with my phone. How about you? Are you able to lift the weights up?
Pull ups aka Chins
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Pull ups aka Chins
Body building games are very rare and this one is very well produced. You owe traction and let me warn you, it's as difficult here as it is in reality. As opposed to the game and reality, here you are working the muscles of your hand which is clicking the mouse but that really represents the muscles of your body in the game.